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A Curriculum Vitae With A Twist

Jesus was a carpenter by trade. He was thirty years of age when he started His ministry. About three years later he was crucified, and then, three days later he was raised to life. I wonder what Christ’s curriculum vitae would look like if He was the one applying for jobs, rather than me. It could look something like this:

Jesus Christ

Seated at the right hand of God

T: Prayer line 24/7


Personal Statement

Carpenter in Nazareth who enjoys chatting with the religious leaders of the day and also a friend of sinners. Sent by my Father in heaven in order to save all people from their sin. Taking all sin upon myself on the cross and dying for each person so that they are no longer dead in their transgressions, but can repent, have a relationship with God and have the hope of eternal life.

Education and Qualifications

God uses the foolishness of the world to shame the wise. Proverbs is full of wisdom – you should check it out. I spent my time talking to the uneducated and they spoke more wisdom than the religious leaders of the day.


  • Spending time with sinners
  • Seeing people accept me as a friend – I love welcoming people
  • Turning water into wine (not for personal consumption)
  • Interested in current news and events – champions justice and will judge the world and make things right again
  • Cares deeply for the hurting, the sick, the disabled, the widowed, the orphan and the sinner – I love all people deeply and I have a purpose and plan for every situation


See the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) specifically for eyewitness accounts and evidence. The book of Acts is also a good one to follow up.

To be honest, I know that the curriculum vitae of Jesus is limited when written by me. It is not meant to be offensive or demeaning; rather, it aims to encourage that ‘steadfast gaze’ upon the Lord which I mentioned in my previous post. When we focus on the saving grace of Jesus, we do not focus on the difficult situation at hand. I am giving my uncertainty and insecurity to the God who leads, who loves, who lives.

I may wrestle with the challenge of unemployment, but when I wrestle I quickly remember when God wrestled with Jacob in the bible. God is the one who instigated the wrestling. These times in our lives are needed to highlight our attitude towards God and how we proportion Him in comparison to other parts of our lives. For example, I have viewed getting a career and being an achiever as extremely important to the point that I would be so busy with it, that I would try and do it all in my own strength, rather than praying about it and asking what God’s will is in this situation. God is getting my attention by permitting me to have times of silence to spend time with Him; He wants me to let go, and let God!

This attempt at Jesus Christ’s CV barely scratches the surface of who Christ was and who Christ is. However, by adding a humorous twist on this CV, I am reminded of what God’s purpose is for me. Through this one exercise I can see that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection completely change my perspective on my own job search. His CV gives me hope when I am in utter despair. My sins are forgiven. I have a relationship with God when I place my trust in what Jesus did for me on the cross. I have the certainty to know that eternity with God is imminent.

My job hunt might take the shape of a narrow road. Those that follow Jesus are not guaranteed a golden ticket into an easy life. Far from it. Careers, jobs, vocations, professions… whatever you want to call them, are one segment along a narrow road. This happens to be a pit-stop on a race track. Whilst everyone is racing around in the busyness of life, I am refuelling for the next lap of this narrow road.

Where will I end up next? What will I do? Surrender my life to God because it is only then that I will be going in the right direction. This does not necessarily mean the easiest or most attractive direction, but it means I will be going in the right direction and living obediently to God. When Jacob surrendered, he was blessed.

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