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If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something

This week at #TheLoft we are sharing the ‘Best of 2014’ by choosing our best post of 2014 (best is defined loosely in this case!). I felt led to share this post from September ‘If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something’ because I heard some very sad news today from Norfolk, and my heart aches with my friends there. I want to be there and give the warmest hug, but, as I am far away, I decided to share this post in the hope that it may bring comfort in some form to anyone who is hurting or struggling at the moment. Have a look at the other posts from fellow bloggers at The Loft this week – always some great insights! 🙂


An Anchored Hope

Hi there beloved friend, fearfully and wonderfully made – you are so loved! Come and sit with me for a while…

I understand that there is a battle going on in your heart at the moment. I ache with you and want to stand by your side as you go through this. You are not alone at this difficult time. Surrounded by friends and family is a truly wonderful thing, but I understand that sometimes you feel alone and distanced. You appreciate the love and support of others close to you, and perhaps others not so close who offer their love and support, but no one can understand fully the depth of the pain, anguish and sorrow you are feeling right now. Beloved friend, I want you to know that you welcomed in the loving arms of God. He bottles every tear you cry and numbers every hair on your…

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2 thoughts on “If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something”

    1. Leah, I am encouraged that the words from my blog can bring some comfort to you during this time. Thinking of you and giving you a warm hug across the pond! God bless 🙂 x

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