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The Loft Week 3: Picture Prompt

Welcome to Week 3 of

The Loft ~ A Wednesday Link-Up!

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You will find my Week 3 post and the linky tool at the bottom, but first, may I remind you how The Loft Link-Up works?

The Loft is a place for conversation, community, networking, and Christian growth.

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Today’s Topic: “Picture Prompt…..” (when you look at the picture below, what comes to mind? does it bring back a memory? perhaps it calls you to a specific place? share with us what you think of when you see the picture)

Picture Prompt for Week 3 at The Loft Link-Up.
Picture Prompt for Week 3 at The Loft Link-Up.

The picture above reminds me of home. Rural farmland. My grandad was a farmer and worked the land. The hay bales represent the hard work of farming, the manual labour and the toil. The peacefulness of taking a gentle stroll around country lanes is a fond memory of mine. Hearing the birds in the trees. Smelling the sweet smell of flowers or the stench of manure floating across the air.

I feel close to God when I walk through nature. It’s just Him and me. No distractions. Just beauty. I can pray and sing songs of praise in the open. How I miss the countryside! There was no trouble in the rural idyll. It was just peaceful, simple, still. I long to walk the country lanes of my youth and enjoy the gentle breeze of a warm, spring air.

This picture reminds me of the happiest times of my childhood. Being in the arms of my grandparents and being a part of farm life.

Thanking God for our farmers who produce the food we take for granted.

It is the hard-working farmer who ought to have the first share of the crops. 2 Timothy 2:6 😉

June 24th Topic: “Favorite Psalm” (what is your favorite Psalm and why? perhaps it is just a verse or two from one of the Psalms~~that’s fine. how has it spoken into your heart?

I hope you will plan to join us each week at The Loft.

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7 thoughts on “The Loft Week 3: Picture Prompt”

  1. Oh Ruth, what a lovely post. I, like you, am drawn to the country. It is where I was born and it is in my blood. I lived in the city for almost 2 decades, but the mountainous farmlands are where I gain my strength and solace. Love this post.

  2. I enjoyed your reminiscence about walking at the farm. Being a city girl, I don’t have very many farm memories, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the haybales picture prompt. I loved it!

  3. AGREED! The peace and serenity of what, at that time in my life, seemed boring now, is something I long for! I took the children to a farm yesterday and while sitting on a wooden swing in the flower garden, I enjoyed the beauty and the smells! You’re post brough me right back to that place! Coming from The Loft!

  4. This country girl loves your post! We have a big hay field and I know you’d enjoy a stroll there too – just not this week, it’s smeltering hot with record heat right now! Good to see you and I enjoyed coming to you from The Loft.

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