The Mustard Seed Podcast: Why I Blog

Hi readers (soon to be listeners)!

I have finally been able to record my very first podcast with the help of my tech-savvy husband! Really excited to share it with you. It is a new endeavor and it will take time to shape, but I hope you will ‘tune in’ and support me in this!

It does sound a little deep… I am recovering from a cold… and it will take a little while for me to get the quality and editing up to speed.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already! Check out The Mustard Seed homepage for the links.

Thanks for listening!

Linking up at The Loft this week on Leah’s blog! 🙂 It is Potluck week so come join us! 🙂

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Hi! It's nice to see you here! A little about me: I am a Christian who loves Jesus. I am blessed with a loving husband Joel and we have a little boy called Jonathan. My time is often spent writing, planning a meal around dessert, looking after the home, visiting others or having others visit me, laughing, reading a good book, seeing new places, going for walks in the country, dancing and singing to music, and preaching behind my ironing board with the bible open on it (it's the right height & nobody's watching, I hope).

7 thoughts on “The Mustard Seed Podcast: Why I Blog

      1. Thank you so much for sharing my podcast Rosemary! Your words encourage and bless me greatly! It is lovely meeting you via the blogs! Keep writing and sharing the good news, sister 🙂 xxx

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