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This Week’s Topic: Bucket List ~ (what is on your bucket list. what are some things you want to do and see before Jesus calls you home. )

Bucket List

I have always liked the idea of creating a Bucket List. However, where on earth do I start? Literally, where on earth do I start? USA? South America? Africa? Asia? Europe? Where do I start?

Some of the things I would like to do involve travel, but there are other ambitions and things I would like to do or see before Christ calls me home.

Let me share this with you lovely ones today 🙂 :

  • Visit the USA several more times
  • Have children
  • Publish a book (or two, three… or several)
  • Lead a bible study
  • Write more articles for Christian publications
  • Study theology in some capacity
  • Know the Lord ever more deeply always
  • Learn to drive and get a car
  • Meet up with friends I haven’t seen in years or those who I have yet to meet in person
  • See some iconic places… I am a tourist more than an adventure back packer
  • Go to a week long Christian conference like Momentum
  • Cook Christmas dinner and dessert without assistance (for the most part…)
  • Explain the gospel confidently one to one with someone
  • Have our own family home
  • Be in the USA over thanksgiving
  • Spend Christmas and New Year in New York
  • Volunteer in Africa or visit it like the tourist I am
  • Have a spa weekend
  • Sing to an audience
  • Go on a road trip around the UK, stopping off at quaint villages along the way
  • Picnic in a romantic location (hint hint Joel 😉 )
  • Go to the theatre to watch a musical at the West End or Broadway
  • See Riverdance live
  • Lose weight (this pig might not fly…)
  • Become more artistic e.g. paint, crochet etc.
  • Adopt and/or foster a child
  • Go abroad with an organisation like Tearfund or a specific project overseas to help others
  • Write and publish both fiction and non-fiction
  • Complete a screenplay
  • Get an agent
  • Try to find a sport I enjoy and actually do it regularly
  • Hold an animal that is not classified as a pet… Not sure what animal though!
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go stargazing with the telescope
  • Own a pet or two…
  • Do some form of public speaking… despite nervousness and my lack of confidence!
  • Go on a writer’s retreat
  • Work with those with disabilities
  • Help churches to adapt to meet the needs of those with learning difficulties

These are just some of the few ideas I thought to add to a Bucket List and I am sure there are more! I am super excited about Jesus coming back and so blessed for all the provisions that God has given me already. Although it is nice to have a Bucket List, I would much rather aspire to Christ-likeness and go through life following the Lord in all I do. The desires of my heart can only be met through knowing Christ and what He did for me on the cross. In death and in life I am confident because of God’s wondrous love for me and you.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Next Week’s (September 9) Topic: Blogging and You ~ (when did you begin blogging? why did you begin blogging? what have you learned through blogging? how has blogging been a blessing to you?)

I hope you will plan to join us each week at The Loft Link-Up.

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  1. What a great list! Several of your items are things that I found myself saying, “Yes, me too.” The Northern Lights….YES! I would love to see them. Did not even think about that before I read your list. Love that you are here in this Loft space.

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