The Higher Way Code

This series on my blog will examine The Highway Code in a unique and fun way. It borrows some of the signs and signals found in the driver’s bible ‘The Highway Code’ and it will twist them in a lighthearted way to examine this road map we call life. I have chosen to call it the ‘The Higher Way Code’ because I believe there is a higher way to navigate this messy world we live in – and that is through Jesus Christ.

Did Jesus have anything to say about The Highway Code? Not literally. However, the bible is full to the brim of God’s wisdom and truth on living life. He guides us, establishes our steps and provides for us, meeting every need. More than that, the bible reveals The Higher Way through Jesus Christ the Son of God who provided the world with the ultimate destination – eternal life.

As I write this series I hope you can laugh along with me and enjoy the journey and the tongue-in-cheek take on the UK’s Highway Code. Keep an eye out as I update posts on this series!

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I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Psalm 32:8


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Hi! It's nice to see you here! A little about me: I am a Christian who loves Jesus. I am blessed with a loving husband Joel and we have a baby on the way. My time is often spent writing, planning a meal around dessert, looking after the home, visiting others or having others visit me, laughing, reading a good book, seeing new places, going for walks in the country, dancing and singing to music, and preaching behind my ironing board with the bible open on it (it's the right height & nobody's watching, I hope).

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