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A Rubbish Story

On the desk where I do most of my writing, there is a  pink table-top waste bin. It was a gift. Who else has been given a bin as a gift? At face value (and yes, it does have a face) it didn’t look like much. However, this bin is a daily reminder that value is not based on appearances. It is what is inside that is of utmost worth. Can there be anything of worth found inside a bin?


The purpose of this little pink bin is not to collect my failed writing projects (of which there are several). As the lid is lifted from my table-top companion, it reveals treasures of pure delight. Several bible verses especially chosen for a special purpose; God’s words from my mother’s heart to my own. Inside this smiling, bright, swinging bin are words of life. Words of hope. Handwritten. Beautifully spaced letters of encouragement.







Opening each folded note reveals a truth that uplifts the weary heart – words that speak to the soul, enrich and refresh the spirit and let the lips say ‘yes, God!’

As I look upon the outward appearance of this bin, I am reminded that I once was a filthy sinner, separated from God because of my continuous pursuit of everything but Him. Yet God saw a greater purpose for my life than I had for myself. He gave me the eyes to see Him and the mouth to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all. In this way, I am like the pink waste bin with its round eyes and wide smile.

God does not stop there.

He has replaced the filthy rags of my sin and shame, and instead clothes me in righteousness and gives me garments of salvation. His righteousness. Salvation given only through Jesus. 

He calls you too. 

God gave His Son Jesus for you, replacing sin stained rags with garments and robes of righteousness and salvation. We are holy because of Him.

Do we still mess up and sin?

Sadly, yes. But we are sinners saved by grace. Grace. Beautiful grace that blots out life’s ugly shame. 

We can approach God and ask for forgiveness and He pours out His mercy time and time again because He loves us.

Like each handwritten piece of folded love in my bin, God is renewing me day by day. I am being filled up with His Spirit, His Words, His Love, His Grace, His Mercy, His Hope, His Faithfulness, His Unchanging Love, His Justice, His Promises, His Forgiveness, His Restoration, His Peace, His Kindness

My bin overflows with messages like this. I am overflowing with messages like this.

Outwardly I may not be much to look at (be nice please…), but inwardly God is filling me up to the brim with His Truth. He takes our ashes and transforms us into something more beautiful.

‘Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.’ 2 Corinthians 4:16

God looks to the heart, not to appearances. What starts out as rubbish can be changed and molded into shape for a greater purpose. Rather than being a rubbish story, it is a rags to riches story. Getting rid of the rags of sin and clinging onto the riches found in Jesus. As Christians, we are being renewed and transformed by God every day of our lives. Will we reach out to others with the truth and love that God has placed into our hearts and pour it out into a hurting, broken world?