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Blogumentary #1: A New Chapter in a Bigger Story


It is just under two weeks until the due date of my first baby so my mind has been everywhere. My world is going to be completely transformed as I do my best in adjusting to being a new mum in the coming weeks. Will I be able to sit at my desk and type when the baby is napping? Or will I be utterly zonked that I will be napping too? Probably the latter and considering my current track record of not being motivated, I would rather nap than face a blank page. A mum once said to me that she ended up being more productive when her baby was growing up as she knew she only had a short amount of time to herself, so she had to make the best use of that time. I hope that’s me.


Sitting in a coffee shop catching up with a fellow youth worker and friend, I shared how difficult it was for me to write at the moment. I struggle with the various commitments I have wondering how much time to allocate to each. I have to try and measure how much of me is tired from pregnancy (a lot) and how much is a lack of motivation and laziness to write (a lot too, I am ashamed to admit…). It’s not a fun place to be and if I ever want to get anywhere with writing, I need to write. Simple as.

My friend is a keen reader of my blog and has encouraged me with my writing throughout the year. This has filled me with more determination to keep writing, although progress is slow! They suggested that to keep my blog going through this next busy phase of my life I should write a ‘blogumentary’. A quick definition of this wonderful mash up of ‘blog’ and ‘documentary’ found on Urban Dictionary means:

‘A series of blog entries whose purpose is to document the events within a set time frame or within the scope of a larger event.’

My first thought was nobody is going to want to read about my life in these next few months. The sleepless nights (equals massive typos). Clearing up poop and sick (some people are squeamish and nobody really wants to know, right?). Learning how to be a mum (even though I am sure it merits some comedy value!). Trusting God when my patience is thin and my emotions are all over the place.

However, life is about those everyday moments that nobody sees. Real life. It’s the reality of what goes on behind the scenes documented in the form of a blog. My blogumentary. It will encourage me to keep writing. It’s a blog series about everyday life following the Lord.

Wait a minute.

The purpose of my blog was originally to document my cancer experience but still point to the goodness of God in the midst of the struggle. I was 19 then. At 26 years of age, I am about to become a mum and it’s a new season. It’s time to document my experience of being a new mum pointing others to the goodness of God through this journey.

FYI: I will still be writing about other things, but this will be a specific blog series on this new chapter of my life! Look out for ‘blogumentary’ in the title for these kind of posts!

Both cancer and parenthood were/are events within a set time frame of my life, whether it’s a few years or to the end of my life (I know that I will never stop being a parent!). However, the key part of that definition of blogumentary is ‘the scope of a larger event’. My life story sits within a much larger event. It’s part of an overarching narrative – God’s story.

And you have a place in this overarching story too – God’s arms are wide open. Will you embrace His love for you?

I encourage you to check out The 4 Points for a simple, quick look at our place within God’s story – this message applies to every single person, not just Christians!

Also, check out this excellent short video by Glen Scrivener who explains the gospel in a visual and compelling way.

God bless 🙂




2 thoughts on “Blogumentary #1: A New Chapter in a Bigger Story”

  1. Loving the idea of the blogumentary! Can’t wait to read of your next adventures. If the next year or so are anything like the last one… out world!! Love you! See you soon!!

  2. Hello Ruth. First of all, good luck for two weeks time. We’re praying for you. Enjoy the last two weeks of freedom.

    However, judging from the experience of my daughter (who is a journalist), writing while the baby naps will be difficult. Her mother in law (bless her) takes her two while she works.

    Try following this blog: It’s about a doctor and mother working in Doha and she’s on WordPress. She’s amazing!

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