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Carol Singing Vegetables

Yes. You read that correctly.

Did you know that the meat we throw away this Christmas would equate to two million turkeys and the wasted gravy could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool?

Do you need more convincing statistics? I have a video to share that will hopefully challenge you and push you to action.


Wastefulness is a big problem. Whilst many of us will be enjoying enough stuffing this Christmas to feel well and truly ‘stuffed’ ourselves, it is outrageous to think that children across South Sudan and Burkina Faso do not have enough to eat.

Christian Aid have launched their ‘Enough Food For Everyone’ Christmas Appeal for those living in hunger in sub-Saharan Africa. For every pound you donate, the UK government will give a pound more, doubling the support for those living in poverty.

This Christmas, save your money and spend it where it matters most to help a hungry family. Waste less. Save money. Save lives.

You can donate by clicking this link: Enough Food For Everyone Campaign 

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