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The Little Things

As I said goodnight to my son and walked out slowly, pulling the door behind me, I slowly poked my head back into his room. He thought I’d left. I watched him get comfortable for the night and bring his arms across his face as he began to suck on his arm. It’s an adorable thing he does to soothe himself.

I could watch him all night.

However, I do eventually close the door and walk down the stairs reflecting on the last 9 months of his precious life. Someone commented on their experience with their 18 month old recently saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’. This is so true. It’s been a difficult time in many ways, but I am thankful to God for my sweet baby boy. It’s the little things that can bring so much joy and sustain me when I find myself in the next testing time of being a mum.

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I have been thinking about the little things in my faith journey as well as in my mum journey. Things that may have seemed small, but have sustained me when times get tough. My mum’s faithfulness in looking after me, praying with me and showering love to myself and others. A walk in the country on a spring morning when I can’t help but feel close to God in all the beauty I encounter. A CD of praise and worship music playing in the background whilst I did work. Listening to my disabled sister speak of God’s love for me and showing amazing strength in challenging times. The weekly gatherings at the Christian Union where I felt blessed to be surrounded by people that loved Jesus and met an amazing guy who would become my husband. The prayers I’d weep through tears as I began chemotherapy. The hands I’d hold of others who were going through treatment for cancer. The nights of crying out to God when I felt alone, afraid or struggling in some way. Time with God in the every day moments of life…

God is interested in the little things too.

The things that we care about, that hurt us, that give us joy, that trouble us… He cares about it. The stuff that makes no sense and we question God – He cares and He doesn’t leave us, if only we would come to Him with the little things.

I imagine God looking at me as I am lying on my side going to sleep, just like I watched my son.

God uses the things that seem weak in the world to shame the strong. He uses what is foolish in the world to shame the wise. He used a few loaves and fish to feed a multitude of people. He turned water into wine (all the party goers say yay!). Small stones made a giant fall. A staff separated the sea. In the little things, God can prepare us for the big things that come our way. Are we ready to accept the challenge of going through the little things with faithfulness?

The mundane, the daily tasks, the seemingly pointless… nothing goes to waste. All of it can be used to prepare us for the next big thing – the unexpected thing, the temptation, the frustration, the expectation, the waiting, the testing, the resting, the busy, the broken, the tired, the courageous… whatever the next moment is – God is equipping us in the ordinary, little things.

‘Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.’ Luke 16:10