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A Different Perspective

How I miss the days before social media. I feel that I need to insert an obligatory ‘yes, it is a great way to keep in touch with people and it has other benefits and I am probably not going to delete my accounts’. The very fact that I am able to share this blog post on social media is a good thing, right? However, I find myself longing to live in a culture where people are not always glued to their phones.

I started blogging with good intentions but I find I frequently need to remind myself what these are. In an age where likes, shares and comments are king, I have to keep saying ‘No, I serve King Jesus.’ When the perfect photos of meals, family life and well-hoovered carpets clutter my Instagram, I have to tell myself ‘life isn’t perfect and that’s OK’. I am living in an imperfect world in awe of a perfect Saviour who has breathed new life into my heart and who loves me with a perfect love because He is love.

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One Sunday I sat in a different seat in church. It’s funny how people tend to flock to the same spaces. To be honest, it was a packed Sunday service due to a baptism and there weren’t many seats left – I was running late too. I ended up on the right hand side, I could just about see and didn’t need to crane my neck around a pillar – winning.

The sermon was good – it was on Revelation 3. And I was listening. Really. But my eyes were looking at bits of the church I hadn’t appreciated before. I surveyed the stained glass windows made up of beautiful colours. I looked at the curate, then the speakers attached to the stone pillars and thought that there would have been a time when the preacher would have had to project his voice a bit harder. However, what caught my attention for some strange reason was a large crack in the wall. Trust me to fix on the bit that was broken.

I do that a lot. I fixate on the broken bits in my life. I walk and talk like I am shackled and struggling to walk, rather than living in the victory of redemption. I need to start seeing myself as God sees me. I definitely need to stop comparing my brokenness with the perfection, colour and beauty on Instagram and Facebook; they are virtual stained glass windows that do not truthfully depict the often stained, messy and discoloured reality of the lives that make the final cut on the screen.

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This post is really me reminding myself to take my eyes off myself. To lift my eyes up from my phone and not get sucked into photos that I could read too much into or obsess over. This isn’t a rant about other people and their use of social media. What I have to say is just a drop in the ocean. This is my heart and my issue as I long to give God the best use of my time, not my sloppy seconds. It is a longing to grow into a closer relationship with Christ that compels me to evaluate where my gaze is. Am I looking at the world like Snapchat, which is here for a few moments before disappearing? Or am I looking towards my Saviour who is calling me to Himself with all of my brokenness and brings healing and eternal life?

As I was reading Isaiah 43 this morning, I was encouraged by God’s words to His people. Through Jesus, we are now all grafted into this same promise when we trust in Christ’s saving work on the cross. What a promise to fix my eyes on today and every day.

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1