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I want that.

When have we ‘made it’? With career, or kids, or purchase of house? With a one-way ticket around the world? A spouse?

With promotion? With awards? With a ‘new look’? With friendships? Cars? A published book?

As we earn more money and gain status? When the numbers on our social media increase? Then will we have that release, knowing we have made it? We have arrived!

Can we really have it all? What is it that we are striving for?

To be known? Remembered when we pass on? To be loved? Secure? Happy? What is the purpose of it all? And to what end? The pursuit of bigger, better, more? More stuff, more money, more freedom? When does it stop?

None of these things are bad in themselves. But without realising it, they become our dreams and desires, a burning ember, a fire. We are consumed by the heat of what we perceive is our right, our choice and we beat ourselves up when we fall short of ‘it’.

What is ‘it’?

What keeps you up at night? What gets you up in the morning? What makes life worth it – what gives you meaning and purpose?

What is meaning?

What is ‘it’?

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You see, you were made for more. More than what you strive for, more than what you seek. No matter how good these things are, they fall short. Soon you will want more again. Your tank gets empty. So you find the next thing to fill you up.

Let me tell you about Jesus who gave Himself for you. He gave up everything so that we no longer have to strive and find our meaning and identity in other things. Christ is enough.

I struggle because, boy, do I long for what everyone else has! I see that new job, new hair style, new home, new baby, new outfit. I. Want. What. They. Have. And I wanted it yesterday! None of these things are bad, but when they become my pursuit for fulfilment and when I think ‘if I only had that, then I would have made it and be happy’ – then I am effectively saying ‘Jesus, you are great and all, but you’re not quite enough.’

Christ being enough might seem a strange thing to say. But when Jesus stepped into my place on that cross, He gave His life for me so I could have an abundant life with the living God. My debt was paid – the sin that separated me has been paid in full by Jesus. But not just for me, for you too.

Now I spend my life in the knowledge and hope of this wonderful truth. That I am free. Free from sin and death. Even death has lost its sting because nothing can separate me from Jesus. All we ever need can be found in Him. And even if our earthly bodies perish, we have the confident hope that this is not the end. How can we be confident? Because of the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus took on our humanity, experienced unimaginable suffering and died – but death was overcome! Jesus conquered the power of death and invites us all share in this hope. Death has been defeated and we can look forward to an eternal life with Christ if we place our trust in Him.

There is historical evidence of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus – go and look at the evidence if you don’t believe me! I would recommend reading one of the gospels in the Bible too – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – just Google it if you don’t have a Bible to hand, but I’d be happy to send you one if not! 🙂

On my corner of the web I share my own life with you all to point to the life of Christ. Time and time again He has been faithful, even when I wander, doubt and struggle. He reminds me of who I truly am because so often I forget. I am a child of God. I am not defined by what I have or what I do, but I am held secure in what He did on the cross – the perfect, sinless Son of God entering into a life-changing transaction on my behalf and standing before God the Father as an advocate for me. This unfailing, unshakeable truth frees me from the desire to pursue more, more, more and instead, with open hands and a heart of praise, say ‘thank you, Jesus. You are enough.’

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