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6 Highlights from Alpha

Every Tuesday for the last two and a half months or so, I have been going along to an Alpha course at my local church. We followed the Alpha Youth Series where every week we would watch a short video and pause at different points to talk through questions in small groups about the Christian faith. Alpha is free, there is food (yay!) and there is plenty of time to get to know new people in a deeper way. It is a safe space to ask deep questions about meaning, purpose and life. Here are my 6 highlights from Alpha:

Highlights of Alpha


Making new friends

I have got to know some wonderful new people from all walks of life. It has been such a privilege to hear their stories and share their journey with them through Alpha.

Going back to basics with my faith

It has been great to think through why I believe what I believe. The three questions spread out throughout each session facilitated great discussion and challenged and blessed me. We talked about life, who Jesus is, why He died, how we can have faith, why and how we can pray, why and how to read the Bible, how God guides us into a full life, the Holy Spirit and how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, how to resist evil, does God heal today, the church and telling others about Jesus.

High quality video production 

The quality behind every single episode in the Alpha was truly amazing. It was filmed in locations all over the world, there were fantastic interviews with people from all walks of life, the two main hosts (Ben Woodman and Jason Ballard) were fun and engaging and the way that it was edited and put together was brilliant. It made meaningful conversations easy to have because they naturally flowed from the videos. 

Seeing people go on a journey

This was the most special aspect for me. People from all different backgrounds came to Alpha at the start and were at all different places with how they viewed God, the church and the Christian faith. It was amazing to see by the final Alpha how people wanted to continue on this journey of knowing God more. It was incredible to see how the Lord came near to each person in a very individual way. We are all on a journey.

Having the opportunity to serve

It was a blessing to come alongside the leaders and help with the discussion, the prayer and the clearing up that comes with running an event. I have a heart to share the good news found at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ – and to be a part of a series that does exactly that was a real joy.

Social time

As a mum, everything can revolve around that role at times. Having a Tuesday evening meet up with other adults every week was a much needed break – I will miss that very much! I am thankful to have made friends through it though who I will be seeing again. Whatever your week looks like, Alpha is a brilliant opportunity to have deep, meaningful conversation on a regular basis in a relaxed, informal environment.

To find more about Alpha and to see if there is an Alpha course near you: