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Have You Forgotten About Easter Already?

The Easter egg chocolate has been removed from the shelves. Some of you have devoured your body weight in chocolate I’m sure, and others are carefully still chipping away at it. But that’s that for another year right? No more bunnies and baskets.

If Jesus was front and centre of your Easter weekend, have you put the cross and the resurrection to the back of your mind this week? The gospel that is proclaimed at Easter is needed every Sunday. It’s needed every day. We celebrate Easter with exciting events and activities, then it all goes rather quiet and back to the usual day-to-day.

May it not be so!

The hope that we shared last Sunday is the same hope that we should be sharing this Sunday and in between. Our hope does not get eaten up like chocolate eggs or melts between toddler fingers, getting smeared everywhere. Although some people may look at you if you mention the name of Jesus in the same way they might look at a child you has put chocolate fingers over their brand new furniture…

But who said this hope was all about being liked anyways?

I mean, didn’t we celebrate the death of our Lord Jesus on the cross last week? Hopefully not with cheers of ‘Crucify! Crucify!’ But we know just what the Lord’s death meant for us. We are sinners saved by His grace.

Have we forgotten already?

What about the fact that Jesus did not stay in the grave, but rose from the dead three days later? Are we quick to forget the enormity of His power and strength? I mean, Easter has finished now right?

The temptation is to keep our heads down. We can live a quiet life and mind our own business for sure. But the gospel of Jesus means that our life should be one that radiates this miraculous hope. Sooner or later, people should be asking us questions if we’re following Jesus! We do not need to shrink back. Everyone needs the hope a risen Saviour gives. Do not wait until Christmas and Easter to remind yourselves of this wonderful hope, this great assurance, this undeniable truth of Jesus Christ. Live your life in the light of His life, death and resurrection.