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Hope for Hard Times

There is a lot of fear, panic, uncertainty and unknowns that we are experiencing in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. Many people are also rallying together in light of this situation to help their communities in new ways to ensure social distancing. And I personally am thanking all of those individuals who are working… Continue reading Hope for Hard Times

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Emma Watson’s Anxiety Rings True In Churches Too

Actress Emma Watson has shared in an interview with Vogue that she felt 'stressed and anxious' as her 30th birthday looms in April. Her reasons are reasons that I have personally felt and know others, both Christians and non-Christians, have also experienced. She shared: “If you have not built a home, if you do not… Continue reading Emma Watson’s Anxiety Rings True In Churches Too

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Changing direction

Autumn is here. The chill in the air, the darker evenings and, in my case, the desire to do some baking that includes a touch of cinnamon, has got me all cosy. Spice and all things nice, knitted jumpers, spiced apple scents and slipper socks. Welcome Autumn, with your beautiful, crisp, golden, orange leaf arrangements… Continue reading Changing direction

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The God Who Sees Us

Have you ever felt unnoticed? Me too. In the day-to-day tasks of everyday life, especially in the busyness of being a parent, I have found myself at times wondering if what I do matters. Do I even matter? My thoughts, struggles, frustrations, joys and everything else about me at times feels lost under all the… Continue reading The God Who Sees Us

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An interview with Esther Molyneux – creativity, wellbeing and purpose

Can you tell us a bit about you and share how you came to faith in Jesus? I'm the founder and creator of She is Found Studio, a British faith-based stationery and self-development brand with a fresh perspective. My background is in design and creative problem-solving; taking a seed of an idea and turning it… Continue reading An interview with Esther Molyneux – creativity, wellbeing and purpose

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Follow Jesus, not me

To follow Jesus today, do we need a following ourselves? There are many Christians who have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of followers on social media and they have the potential to reach many with the gospel. Even with a handful of blog or social media followers, are we making the most of the… Continue reading Follow Jesus, not me

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Thoughts On Prayer

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire? Corrie ten Boom Prayer is a conversation with God. It's as simple as that. Jesus went to quiet, isolated places to pray to His Father. Many times I find that my most powerful times in conversation with God are when I get to be alone. Through… Continue reading Thoughts On Prayer

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4 Ways of Dealing with Disappointment

Writing this post is a little bit of therapy because I am still dealing with disappointment. It is not past tense 'dealt' with disappointment. It is a very present tense ordeal of 'dealing'. Last week saw a big blow to a writing project I had spent a lot of time on. It was a learning… Continue reading 4 Ways of Dealing with Disappointment

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More > Truth by Kristi Mair – BOOK REVIEW

After reading 'More > Distinct' by Calvin T. Samuel and 'More > Direction' by Ayo and Ruth Afolabi, I was looking forward to the next instalment of the 'More >' series by IVP. These short books are ideal for those who are busy but want to engage with the Bible and apply it effectively to… Continue reading More > Truth by Kristi Mair – BOOK REVIEW

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Billy Graham and Bunsen burners

It's been one year ago today since Billy Graham went to be with Jesus. I remember the day well - the sense of loss, the impact that it had on the church and the world, and the countless stories of how his ministry reached millions. I wanted to write something that day, but I was… Continue reading Billy Graham and Bunsen burners