It is written!

Dear friends,

I could not help but use this choice of words for my title! The bible says ‘It is written’ throughout, but for me, I have used it because my testimony has been written! It is a chance for me to share my story of being a Christian with others at my baptism service. 

I have also attended a baptism class on Sunday to help prepare me for this wonderful event. I have another class this Sunday coming where I will share my testimony with others to make sure all is well with it. 

August is going to be a fantastic month! My sister is visiting me on the 1st which will be lovely to show her around Plymouth. Then my mum, nan and best friend from back home are visiting from 10th-14th August which I am so excited for! My birthday and baptism are on that weekend as well. Plus I get to go home for a week in August to see my friends back home (plus a hospital and dental check up – but this will not get me down!). 

I have not stuck to my word and written every day because life has been filled with work and general busyness! But I have not forgotten the purpose of this blog. To glorify God and to share His work in my life!

I leave you with a song that I cannot stop listening to at the moment! Hope it encourages you all also! 

P.S Enjoy this beautiful weather! It has been a long time coming! 🙂

God Bless!

Ruthie -xxxxxxxxxx- 

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Hi! It's nice to see you here! A little about me: I am a Christian who loves Jesus. I am blessed with a loving husband Joel and we have a little boy called Jonathan. My time is often spent writing, planning a meal around dessert, looking after the home, visiting others or having others visit me, laughing, reading a good book, seeing new places, going for walks in the country, dancing and singing to music, and preaching behind my ironing board with the bible open on it (it's the right height & nobody's watching, I hope).

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