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New Beginnings

Hey everyone!

The summer came for a week and has sadly left us again! Almost the end end of July already – where is this summer holiday going? My birthday and baptism are fast approaching now and I am getting so excited! I have finished my 2 baptism classes to help me prepare for the big day and I found them very beneficial. I have written my testimony and all that’s left is a bit of tweeking and then the big day itself. It’s so exciting to be able to spend my 21st birthday and my baptism with some amazing friends and family. It’s great when people can join in the celebrations with you!

It’s a sad couple of days coming up because my house mate Charles is leaving to undertake a year in London for a work placement. It has been great to live with him and it will be strange not having a guy house mate to take care of things anymore! All girls next year – let the mayhem commence! I just want to say thanks to him for all the support he has given me throughout my first academic year back. He has listened to my complaints, has laughed at me and with me, has taken me out and about around Plymouth in his car so I can get out if this bubble from time to time… He introduced me to the comedy show The Big Bang Theory, which helped fill the void when Friends left E4. He learnt to live with me – which is a task in itself, but I too learnt to live with him which is an equally interesting experience! I just wanted to dedicate this paragraph to Charles and to wish him all the best with this year in London and looking forward to his returnThanks for the memories! 🙂 He is off on a new beginning elsewhere!

I have made a good friend in Charles!

Yesterday was one of those days where God was visibly working. I mean I could actually just see God in action through circumstances. I was having my final baptismal class yesterday during church and when I was on my way out, a guy was standing at the reception. He came to church asking for a meal, but there were no meals today – they were on set days… Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I went to look for someone who could assist me in helping this guy. Meeting him was a humbling experience and an eye opener.

His name was Scott. He was 24. When I came back to help him he was crying. I immediately gave him a hug because I felt led to immediately. He embraced it and said he never normally cried but today he woke up crying. He told me he recently lost his son of a few weeks old to cot death. He was really struggling as the funeral was expensive and he owed people money for helping him out. He said he normally could plough through the hunger but not today. He needed something to eat. He knew he could of gone to Shekinah (helping the vulnerable) for food, but he felt he wanted to come to the church. He kept crying from time to time as it was all so overwhelming. He shared some of his life story. He lived on the streets for 3 years. He has a home now but he still finds himself wandering around the streets of Plymouth with no sense of real purpose. Scott used to be an alcoholic, he has paid jail a visit and has done drugs. But hearing him speak of his past, made me pray for his future. He was brought a sandwich and some milk which he felt cost a fortune, and he preferred to stand on his own two feet – but sometimes surrendering yourself to the help of others is the first step towards a real victory. He stepped out in faith.

Me and a man in the church prayed for him as he asked us too. He was crying continuously. There was a calling in his heart that day that gave him the strength to tell us his story. He said we were all so nice here. We told him he was always welcome and gave him the days and times for when food was available at the church, but also told him about RECOVERY – a group for recovering addicts. To see him smile and to hear his sense of humour stirred something within me. I told him he had a purpose and he was never alone, even when it felt like it was all going against him. His life deeply touched me and I really pray that Scott answers God’s call for his life because I believe God was really doing a work in both of us yesterday.

Another blessing was my mum returned to church for the first time! There have been circumstances out of her control which have made church attendance difficult, but she has known for a while that God has been calling her back to meet with other believers. It’s a step in the right direction as she can meet with like minded people who will love her, pray with her, encourage her and input positively into her life. I am so blessed that she has gotten back into the church! It really made my day! Another new beginning for her to start afresh with God! 🙂

I love my Mum – so happy for you!! 🙂

As I prepare for baptism I am reminded that I also have a new beginning. Free from my past and onto a brand new day and start with God. God is all about new beginnings for those who trust in Him. Even if you find it difficult to trust in Him now, to start seeking Him is the first step to a new beginning with God. Free from the hurts of the past and onto a glorious future with Christ. I cannot wait to walk in step with God’s plan for my life. I am free. I have a new beginning. And so do you – let’s start today. Taking that step of faith. Like the examples above.

1) Charles is taking a step of faith going to London for a year.

2) Scott took a step of faith coming in need to the church, hoping for food, prayer and nice people.

3) Mum took a step of faith and walked into a church for the first time in several years. 

And as for me…

4) Putting my faith in Jesus for a new beginning 🙂

What will you take a step of faith in today? Will you make a fresh start?

Take care and God Bless 🙂

Love from Ruthie -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-