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Brighter News Compared to the Blustery Mainstream

I have decided to post news stories that I find which are encouraging, inspirational, positive and happy with the aim of making others realise – – – there is still some good in the world. Actually, in the most difficult of circumstances there are provisions, acts of kindness, strength of character, bravery, determination… I think it is important to “read between the lines” so to speak – find the good in the midst of the bad, the light in the darkness and hopefully realise that the world is full of good, kind people. I am not here to make money or sell you a bad story… I am here to just encourage, inspire and bring a smile to you – – – through the stories of others. 

Of course I will still be posting my own journey, for this is what this blog was originally for – to proclaim the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ through my life and circumstances. Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, there is always hope and love that can be found. These stories will hopefully point you in the direction of the characteristics that come from a loving God. 

There is a God that loves us and takes an interest in us. This is in contrast to a media industry that seeks to inform, gossip and speculate with the negative stories. I must confess, I have time for the news and the news has it’s place. However, I have not got time to listen to nothing but doom and gloom. Like a balanced diet, we should have a balanced news feed. A feed that is nutritious for the heart and lifts us up, but without forgetting the starch, carbs and sugar that we get so hung up on (which I think represents the sensationalist, ever present negativity in the negative news we receive).

So forgive me if you disagree, but let me at least encourage those that want to be encouraged.

Here are some positive starters before I start thinking about the main meal:





I hope that this will be a rewarding project and that you would be encouraged to observe every story you read in all its fullness. Remember that behind every news story there is a person. And that person has a story. How would you write your story?