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From my comfort zone…

Hello! Starting my work experience tomorrow! Very excited as I will be spending 3 weeks working for Christian Aid 🙂 I was a  bit apprehensive and when I arrived at my accommodation, I felt overwhelmed and decided to go for a walk. As I was walking I felt like God was saying, “Just because you’re not comfortable does not mean it is an opportunity to run away.”

I was previously thinking I should find a bed and breakfast somewhere as I am living with strangers who I am unsure about. Then it would make me feel more comfortable, I would enjoy myself and my own company and it would be well and truly about me. I felt because I was uncomfortable with my situation, I should run away from it and make my life that little bit more ‘comfortable’.

Recently, a good Christian friend said to me that sometimes you can pray for something e.g. to be more patient, and rather than suddenly increasing in patience, the Lord will provide opportunities for us to become patient. This is true for me at the moment. I have been praying for my relationship with the Lord and wanting it to be closer than ever.

However, God is giving me opportunities for that! I am dependent on Him always, however, when I am alone in a strangers house, in a strange town and about to embark on a new job I feel myself drawing even closer to God and actually acknowledging that dependence on Him. I cannot control any of the circumstances – He is control and will be looking after me one baby step at a time. He knows everything that I will need before I ask for it and he gives me opportunities to become more and more like Jesus.

I may not know the future, but I am in the hands of the One who does 🙂 God is providing me with more than I could have ever asked for – He gives me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and to step into His comfort!

Praise God – we all have a Lord and Saviour who is interested in every detail of our lives and calls us to be dependent on Him. What an amazing heavenly Father we have!

God bless – Ruth 🙂 xxx