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Are You Ready For Autumn?

Trying to capture the beauty of autumn leaves on my phone simply does not do this wonderful tree justice. It is my own glimpse of fall in New England. This is just one tree in plain, old England. I saw this tree transform into oranges and reds last year. Excitement and wonder filled my heart as I witnessed this glorious splendor unfold before my eyes once more.

A beautiful view.
A beautiful view.

Can you imagine the joy of the Lord when we are transformed? As He works in our hearts and draws us to Himself, we become more like Him.

We are no longer slaves to sin but free in Christ. We are a new creation in Christ. He has taken all of our brokenness, shame and guilt, and has given us a new life. He took it all upon Himself on the cross. Because Christ died for all, we can live.

But will we continue to ignore God and live for ourselves? Life is but a breath. As the days and seasons come and go, and as we become another year older, will we commit our lives to the One who died to give us an everlasting life with Him in heaven? Will we be transformed into Christ-likeness as He works in our hearts and changes us from the inside out? Or would we rather be as bare as the branches on the trees in the middle of winter? Exposed for who we really are to everyone who walks passed us. Living, but having an appearance of lifelessness as we are surrounded by the coldness of our hearts. Spiritually dead and in need of new life.

A New Life, A Fresh Start

There is an opportunity for new life. Eternal life. Life that buds, grows, blossoms. It is a life where all people are welcomed. No one will be turned away because Christ died for all people. ALL people. That means you my friend.

You may think you stand condemned and that you wouldn’t be accepted by God. God does accept you, but He does more than that.

He washes away the sin from our lives through Jesus who took the sin of the world upon Himself, dying for all. He presents us blameless before God the Father.

But he wants us to turn to Him in faith, with repentance for what we know we have done wrong. No matter what has happened in the past, He forgives us because of the cross.

The cross is where our transformation begins. We cannot be transformed without knowing who Christ is and what He has done for us all. He forgives us from our sins and has taken our place. Now, we can stand before God. Us. Sinful people. Broken and guilty. Yet, He loves us and showers us with more grace. Grace upon grace.

We can be transformed from the inside out. We can be presented as a new creation in Christ. He is a God of compassion and mercy. I think if we are living a comfortable life, with enough food, plenty of warmth, a roof over our heads, money in the bank account, safety in our city etc, it is easier to dismiss God as the one who sustains us, provides for us and meets all of our needs. We think we somehow have made it on our own without God. We can manage because all our physical needs are met.

The fact that we are living and breathing is a testimony of His grace. Knowing God is more precious than anything the world can offer is part of being transformed. No matter what changes take place in our shifting society, in our fallen world or in our own lives, we have full assurance knowing that God is always there. He is with us. He is here now.

Talk to Him. Tell Him your hurts. Your fears. Tell him you do not understand why certain things have happened. Why the suffering? Why the evil in the world? Tell Him. He knows you and He certainly knows the ‘why’ behind it all. We might not understand why certain things happen. We might never fully know in this life. But God doesn’t keep things hidden from us. Everything we need is in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Like the leaves changing in the autumn, are we ready to be transformed? In Christ, we are transformed. Our minds are made new. Our hearts are forever changed. He desires all people to come freely to Him. He wants all people to come to know Him.

One life. What’s it all about? Look to Jesus.

Are you ready for autumn? More importantly, are you ready for Jesus?

Autumn leaves!
Autumn leaves!

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Be transformed today. Christ loves you.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17