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Updates from the life of Writer Girl

At the beginning of 2017 I wrote a post about two words that were on my heart: simplicity and expectancy. It’s now May and it has been amazing to watch these two words develop into something greater than I had imagined.

We’ve moved!

A lot has happened since the beginning of the year. I honestly cannot believe how quickly the year is going (how many of you feel like that?). Joel and I have recently moved out of the city of Exeter to a smaller town not too far from there. It is a quiet neighbourhood and we are comfortably nestled between two other homes. It’s a terraced house in a residential area. Reminds me of the small town that I grew up in. I am sure I will take some photos of the surrounding area at some point soon. Hopefully…

There may be a book in me yet…

With regards to simplicity, I have started writing a book with the word ‘simplicity’ in the title. I won’t give anything away – it’s an unfolding work in progress. I love how the book that has found it’s way into my mind is linked to the word that was impressed on my heart. It will be a long road to writing it, but I am determined to finish this book. I weep when it comes to writing anything too lengthy. My last attempt at a book took me just shy of 16,000 words for a young adult thriller novel. I have put it on the shelf for now…


God speaks… but do I listen?

That other word – expectancy – has meant a lot to me recently. Firstly, I never really expect God to speak. Shocking from this Christian writer girl, I know. Don’t worry. I absolutely believe He speaks. But I just never expect Him to speak to me. I think it’s my inner skeptic, like maybe I have to concentrate really hard on the bible to get somewhere with God. Or maybe because I am always the one doing the talking so God doesn’t get a word in. Phew. I said it. But that just won’t do as far as God is concerned. 🙂

He subtly got my attention last week when I was at the South West Youth Ministries conference. I felt a real need to read through Colossians. One of the speakers kept referring to it too. So I spent time reading through it. Last night, I turned up to our fortnightly house group where we study the bible together and we are going to be studying the book of Colossians. Church will also be covering this. OK God. I’m listening. The evangelist J John said: ‘When you pray, coincidences happen and when you don’t, they don’t.’ I am going to start being expectant for God to speak to me. Coincidence or not. My heart and hands are open.


But that’s not all.

Expectancy. Expectant. Expecting. 

I am really pleased to share the news that Joel and I are expecting our first child at the end of September! It brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘expectancy’ for me. We are both really excited about it, as well as overwhelmed, thankful, thoughtful, apprehensive… and so much more! Please pray for us as we embark on this new chapter of our lives.

I am so thankful to God for this news. I started this blog in the middle of chemotherapy with a chance that I could be infertile (it was a risk, but my treatment was not as aggressive as some). To be able to have conceived is a miracle whether or not you have chemo, so I do feel doubly blessed for this news. Please pray for our baby.


This has been a bit of a ‘news feed’ post. I am happy to share how those words from the beginning of the year have materialised into something tangible. It’s great to be able to continue to blog about seeing Jesus in everyday life, because that is exactly why I started writing it in the first place.


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  1. So delighted to hear your news! All of it – but especially the last bit. I love how God surprises us. Sending you a whole lotta love.

  2. Congratulations!! There’s a lot of great news in here! May God bless you in your new home & as you expect your little one. Blessings!!

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