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A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing

Sitting here at my nice new desk at home I feel like more of a professional writer somehow. I have a desk and everything. That’s pretty big stuff.

However, actually getting down to writing something has become a struggle recently. I feel like there is a big chunk of nothingness in my mind and absolutely no impetus to create. It’s frustrating and the only way forward is to write. So here I am once again at ‘old faithful’ blogging. How I treasure my collection of thoughts here.

It’s not just the process of writing and creating though. I get that feeling you experience when you’re in a school exam and you know that you’re running out of time. The panic that begins to set in. You just force yourself to write anything because anything is better than nothing.

As I sit at my desk I am painfully aware that the more I sit here without writing a word, the clock is ticking and I am wasting time. I just want to write. It’s a combination of lack of creativity and the fear of not writing anything at all.

I may not have many credentials under my belt and sometimes I feel stuck in a rut wrestling with the false idea that my identity is wrapped up in the words I create, the money I make (or not) or how much has made it to print.

However, writing is a gift. It’s a treasure.

It’s a truly amazing thing to write. Once you overcome the barriers and just get those words out, it’s the best feeling.

I write because I love to write.

It’s that simple.

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“The author who benefits you most is not the one who tells you something you did not know before, but the one who gives expression to the truth that has been dumbly struggling in you for utterance.”
Oswald Chambers

2 thoughts on “A Short Tribute to the Craft of Writing”

  1. When people ask me how I am getting on with my musical writing I sometimes have lots to tell them. Then there are many times for which the real answer is ‘Oh, I had forgotten about that!’ or ‘I have been giving myself a hard time about that’.
    Your amazing commitment and determination to Daily Blog has me in awe. Thank you for reminding me that just trying is all that is required. SO NEVER GIVE UP TRYING. It is ALWAYS going in a POSITIVE DIRECTION. Even if what comes out is negative, for perhaps those words just needed a vent, giving freedom to the response or apology, the cry or silence, the raise of temperature or the ice-cold chill down the spine, these are all valid. When I do not listen for, talk to or give time to God, it is then that I am shutting him out of my life. If God has given me a job, a talent, a passion, I should not shut it out, for in doing so, I am turning my back on his wish. God make me. God gives structure and direction in life and when I walk towards him in willingness to commune, it is then that the walk is beautiful.
    God bless you Ruth!

    1. Sarah, my heart is warmed knowing that you have been encouraged to not give up. Thank you for your comment – it is so important to remember God’s structure and direction. So often, I feel that I walk towards Him, although not always willingly! Such a good reminder – thank you 🙂 xx

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