Unpopular Culture by Guvna B – Book Review

Guvna B has written a much-needed book that I feel many people need to read and will benefit from. Even though the book is called ‘Unpopular Culture’, I hope that it will become an extremely popular book! He carefully weaves details of his own experiences of living in a culture that is often opposed to God, yet he challenges the reader to live counter-culturally through Christ’s example. He draws on his personal experience growing up on a council estate right through to the present day as a multi-award winning, record-breaking rap artist. You really get to know the author through the pages.

Written simply, concisely and with humour throughout, It is a book that I would comfortably give the young people in my youth group, unchurched friends and even seasoned believers who need to go back to the heart of the good news of Jesus.

It is fresh, relevant and engaging and it’s a message that needs to be heard in a culture that often takes, takes, takes with its pressures and demands, but it never satisfies… Guvna B brings the bible to the forefront, knowing that God is the same today in 21st century culture as he was when Christ walked the earth. I feel that I have been challenged to stand up for what I believe in even more and act boldly after finishing each chapter. Truly inspiring.

Unpopular Culture is available for pre-order from Amazon and Eden.co.uk and is released on 15th June 2017.

Website: Unpopular Culture – Guvna B 


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