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More > Direction by Ayo & Ruth Afolabi – BOOK REVIEW


As a Type-A personality kind of a person, I like to have plans, organisation and a general idea of where things are going. To have a short book on having a direction for life appealed to me, although, the authors state that if you picked it up ‘hoping it would have all the answers, a neat formula for life navigation’… it is not going to be found in these pages. They turn their attention to the Bible and what it says about direction and look at some key people throughout scripture who have been guided by God.

I love how the book starts by encouraging the reader to stop. In the busyness of life it is difficult to find time to balance the rhythm between work and rest. It is through stopping that we are able to spend time in God’s presence and find our rest in Him. They talk of God’s love for us and how we can trust in Him as He leads us. There might be times in our life that it is actually better to turn around rather than move forward in the wrong direction.

Throughout the authors draw from personal experience, their own faith and their individual personalities in discerning their direction. They write the book as a young, engaged couple in their own careers and the audience the book is intended for is of their generation. It is also written in short, easy-to-read chapters and will not take too long to read. It has biblical quotes and passages enlarged across pages and scattered throughout which makes it easy to glance at the relevant texts and dip in and out of.

Calling is often seen in terms of vocation or career, but as Christians we have a higher calling to follow Christ which is important to remember as we try and discern our own unique path in life. This life might be short if we are living as if this is the only life that we have, but we are reminded that we are called to share in eternity with Jesus. Having this reminder that we are ‘citizens of heaven’ is important in a society that is individualistic rather than looking at the shared calling of being in relationship with God.

There is one chapter in the book that does encourage us to look at our gifts, our passions, what we are good at and what we enjoy to help discern our own unique purpose. How can we use this to make a difference and help others? However, finding this out may be an ongoing process.

Overall, I think this a great book for anyone who is seeking direction and wants it to line up with God’s bigger picture. Although it is aimed at a younger generation, I think it is important to remember that we are all called and have unique gifts throughout our lives at whatever age or stag. We must continually look to and depend on the Lord throughout all of our life.

More Direction was published in July 2018 by IVP. You can purchase it from your local Christian bookshop, Eden or Amazon.

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