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More > Truth by Kristi Mair – BOOK REVIEW


After reading ‘More > Distinct’ by Calvin T. Samuel and ‘More > Direction’ by Ayo and Ruth Afolabi, I was looking forward to the next instalment of the ‘More >’ series by IVP. These short books are ideal for those who are busy but want to engage with the Bible and apply it effectively to their life. In an age of fake news and post-truth, Kristi examines how we can know truth today.

With a background in philosophy, Kristi brings her subject knowledge to the forefront in an engaging way. The first chapter gives a very brief history of truth exploring rationalism, empiricism and existentialism and how the philosophers in each of these camps stumbled across something ‘that cannot be boxed into their ‘truth” (pg.18). As someone who has little understanding of philosophy, I felt well-informed but thankfully not swamped by concepts that I didn’t understand as the author explained them clearly. Also, I didn’t realise that I am already a philosopher until Kristi shared:

‘Whether we realize it or not, at heart, all of us are philosophers. This is because, at its simplest, philosophy has tried to answer the five big questions in life: What is real? How do we know? Why are we here? Who am I? What is right and wrong?’ (pg. 11)

In today’s post-truth society, Kristi shows how people are driven to know truth despite the prevalent idea that we are beyond knowing what truth is. Post-truth leaves us doubting who and what we can trust and ‘without an anchor of truth, the world is adrift in a sea of scepticism, cynicism and mistrust’ (pg. 24).

She addresses the truth-claims found in the Bible that Jesus said about himself. Christ’s words of being ‘the way, the truth and the life’ can come across as arrogant and divisive at first glance, especially in a secular, pluralistic society. Yet, the life, death and resurrection of Christ and all that He said can be investigated:

‘His isn’t a private truth claim brokered in the back corridors to halls of power to maximize personal gain, but an open, public truth claim that he backed up with his own life, death and resurrection.’ (pg. 52).

What I love about this book is that, at its heart, it is a gospel presentation of who Truth is – Jesus Christ. It is uncompromising on the truth that is found in knowing Jesus personally and how knowing him means we know real Truth. Jesus reveals to us who He is in a personal and relational way; we can be confident in the One who knows things certainly, even when we do not.

Just like the other books in the series, the bite-size chapters make for digestible reading and it is brilliantly deep without losing the reader. Kristi’s intelligence in academia and her creative flair for expressing truth in an accessible way brings a valued contribution to making sense of truth in today’s world for readers of all backgrounds. For those who want to explore the Bible more in their busy lives and engage with some of the core issues facing us today, this book alongside the others in the ‘More >’ series will be a great addition to spending time going deeper with God’s Word.

You can purchase ‘More > Truth’ from your local Christian bookshop, IVP, Eden or Amazon.

Graduating from Birmingham University in Philosophy and Theology, Kristi has since completed an MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics and is now embarking on her PHD. Alongside academia, Kristi has worked with Friends International as a ‘Reach’ volunteer, as a student worker at her local church and UCCF as their Assistant Team Leader for the Midlands. She now works as Pastoral Support and Research Fellow at Oak Hill College.

Follow Kristi on Twitter @KristiMair or check out her website here.