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Ruth’s Roundup – November 2021

When I get a moment (they are few and far between, but few is still something, right?), I tuck into a book, read an article, come across a thought-provoking message and think, this needs to be sharedRuth’s Roundup is a post released once a month where I will share with you some content I have been engaging with over that month, or that I have written. You may laugh, cry, get mad, dig deeper, unfollow… who knows. Maybe it will be of use to you or someone you know. Happy browsing!


Premier Christianity – The petitions and prayer vigils worked. Julius Jones is saved from death row by Ruth Clemence – Yes, you read that right. I wrote an article on the outcome of Julius Jones who was on death row, but was saved in the last few hours before he was due to be executed. I had been following the story for a little while, and it really hit home about the value of life and the reality of death. There was more that could have been included, and I may write about that in time. Do have a read of this one. It’s always nice to be featured elsewhere!

The Green Captivity of the Church – David Robertson – This one might ruffle a few feathers, but I agree with what he has to say on this. It will also link to the next article I share below. Here’s a brief intro of David’s article, but click on the link above for the full article: ‘I am not a ‘denier’ and as far as I can see there has been a degree of warming throughout the world and some of that is due to human activity. My concern was just simply to ask three questions: How much? What can realistically be done about it? And why has this been turned into a new doctrine that Christians must accept or be excommunicated from polite Christian society? The purpose of this article is not to put the pros and cons of the scientific, political and social debates. But rather to suggest that the Green movement is in danger of being a Trojan horse to bring in anti-Christian teachings in to the Christian church.’

What is a pagan goddess doing in a place of Christian worship? – Dave Brennan – Again, this one might not sit well with some readers. Compromise in the church has happened time and again, pushing biblical teaching further to the margins, and now, at times, the Bible is hardly mentioned at all. Maybe it is in passing to support something that someone is trying to say, but often not in context or not taken in view of the whole of scripture. It makes it so easy therefore for subtle changes in the church to happen over time. I believe that many churches need to return to the Word of God.

“Now or Never: Desperately Depending on God in Prayer” by Ruth Clemence: 7 Ways to Pray blog series – I appeared on Amy Boucher Pye’s blog series this month. Amy has written a new book called ‘7 Ways to Pray: Time-Tested Practices to Encounter God‘. Have a read of my post, then do go and buy Amy’s new book!


Grace-Filled Marriage by Claire and Steve Musters – Joel and I have been going through this book, reading a chapter together and discussing it. It’s helpful to have the perspective of both husband and wife, plus they are so honest about hard times in their own marriage as well as great times. We have appreciated time together to read the book and have valued the wisdom of other couples who have contributed to the book. The link above is for The Big Church Read which we haven’t done, but we might have to look at the videos now too! I will be writing a review soon.

Truth for Life by Alistair Begg – I am thrilled that Alistair has released 365 daily devotions which I will be reading throughout 2022. I’m already dipping into it to write a review in time for Christmas because I think so many would benefit starting the New Year with this. Truth for Life is also the name of his teaching ministry which I have benefitted from for several years. I had the privilege of hearing him speak at the Ligonier Conference in London in 2019. There is so much wisdom to be found in each devotional, with time to reflect on how this can apply to daily life, as well as a Bible reading plan for the year that can be followed alongside.

Seven Days that Divide the World by John Lennox – This is a great introduction to the major interpretations of Genesis 1. A small book packed with the warmth, gentleness and knowledge that Lennox is known for.


Pod of the Gaps – Episode 28 – How Different are Men and Women – I really enjoy this podcast. They have also released another on the climate change debate too if you are interested in finding out more in light of the above articles. I always find the discussion engaging, helpful and refreshing, as they often share views that I don’t hear in the mainstream, but I often contemplate in my head. I am thankful that they are able to articulate difficult, controversial topics with wit and grace.

The Speak Life Podcast – Christ, Crisis and Community (with video) – It was great to hear Paul Feesey’s story of how his family have walked through suffering this year with their young daughter Libby. Libby is doing much better now, and you may have seen the social media post I shared on my last Ruth’s Roundup (October 2021) about her coming out of hospital after 103 days. Paul has returned to the podcast alongside Glen Scrivener after what has been a tough year and a long break to take care of his family. He shared honestly about what they have been through. He also answered one of my questions as I participated in the live chat feed on YouTube, so you might hear my name pop up in this episode!

Sound + Doctrine Podcast – Encouragement for the Worship Pastor’s Wife with Julie Kauflin (with video) – I was aware that Sovereign Grace had a podcast although I am not a musician or involved in a worship team. However, I love to find resources that encourage wives and mothers. Plus, Julie was wearing a headscarf and is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer for the second time, which caught my eye after what I had been through. I really appreciate Sovereign Grace music for their depth of theology woven into their music, as well as being very gifted musicians. Their music is a favourite in our home. It was so nice to hear Julie’s story and hear her wisdom on family life (she also homeschooled which is encouraging for me!). It is clear that her and Bob love the Lord so much and I gleaned a lot from this episode.

Social Media

Jonathan Bryan has a book called ‘Eye Can Write‘ so be sure to check that out. Also, a big congratulations to all of the writers who contributed to this book from the Association of Christian Writers!
I am really appreciating this poetry memorization from Elijah Sims – it’s beautiful to hear it read aloud. Check out his Twitter account or YouTube channel for more.


Elisabeth Elliot – The Vitality of the Crucified Life ( a four part talk) – I cannot share the videos here, but Elisabeth Elliot is such an encouragement to me in my faith. I listened to all four of these talks and as always, there was so much to think about. She is definitely a role model for me today although she is no longer with us. More of her wisdom can be accessed at

This is a strong word, and I certainly do not want to discourage pastors. Yet, what Pastor Jon Moffitt talks about is something all too familiar in many churches today and I think this is worth listening to.
This is an old video, but was a great one during the kids nap time as I think about writing more and more these days. Useful one for writers!
Joni Eareckson Tada has been such an example to me in how to follow Jesus when life is painful. Her ‘Diamonds in the Dust’ are quick videos to encourage you with snippets from a woman who knows what it’s like to live a lifetime of suffering.
Such a powerful video to sit down and watch if you can. Leonard Ravenhill is definitely someone who I stop to take notice of because of his zeal and love for God and the church, plus his passion for revival. This video impacted me greatly and I hope it will bless someone else. We need to be in prayer.

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Bible Reading

I am reading the gospel of John and a Psalm every morning at the moment. I tend to read one chapter and have been looking at a commentary alongside it. I’m also going through Alistair Begg’s new devotional ‘Truth for Life’ in preparation for reviewing it soon. I will be using this devotional in 2022 too. I also enjoy Coffee with Job (5 minute videos) over on David Robertson’s YouTube channel.

Can I be praying for you? Please get in touch if you would like me too!