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Every photo tells a story



Beads of water. Holding on. Shimmering in the light. Beauty can be found in the smallest things.


Thankful hearts. Reflecting. Beacons of light in a dark world.


Slowing down. Time standing still. Resting. Quietly trusting that God is here.


Breathing in the morning air. Drinking in the beauty of another day in the presence of the King.


Creation sings songs of praise. The sun warms smiling cheek and happy hearts.


Hope fills the sky. Eyes turned towards the canopy of dreams.


Sometimes we have to go off the beaten track and tread through the dirt and messiness of life to become planted in better soil. The narrow road leads to life.


Like butterflies, we undergo change to be transformed into something more beautiful than what we left behind.


The good news of Jesus is that he restores, heals and makes all things new. We are not meant to meander through life alone. We are meant to eat the Bread of Life and drink the cup of salvation. Christ is always enough. Welcome Him into your heart and you will always be welcome at His table.


Tonight, may you know that God is near. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). That’s a promise.