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Changing direction

Autumn is here. The chill in the air, the darker evenings and, in my case, the desire to do some baking that includes a touch of cinnamon, has got me all cosy. Spice and all things nice, knitted jumpers, spiced apple scents and slipper socks. Welcome Autumn, with your beautiful, crisp, golden, orange leaf arrangements… Continue reading Changing direction

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On Writing – a September update

There was a heatwave this time last week, but as I type, it is cooler, cloudier and greyer. September has arrived. As the academic year is about to begin, it has a similar feel to the New Year. Parents are ordering school uniforms, new stationery lines the shelves of stores and the countdown to the… Continue reading On Writing – a September update

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An interview with ‘Freed From Shame’ author Dawn Holmes

It was wonderful to speak to Dawn Holmes who wrote 'Freed From Shame', a book about addressing the stigma of mental illness in the church. I wrote a book review about her debut book here. She runs various talks and workshops with co-author Karen Todd. Did you always think you would write a book? I never… Continue reading An interview with ‘Freed From Shame’ author Dawn Holmes

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Writing When It Hurts

Sat at the keyboard, all I want to do is curl up in bed, pull the duvet up over my head and sleep. Before I fall asleep I would probably shed some tears. I cry - a lot. It's part of me expressing that inward ache of deep sadness. Rather than yelling, I cry. Rather… Continue reading Writing When It Hurts

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What do you see?

[ What do you see when you look at me? A happy girl, content and free? Or hurting inside, sad as can be? Do you see me for what I am - or do you honestly not give a damn? Am I a person, or am I friend? Would you look out for me until… Continue reading What do you see?

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Have I Got News For You

Hey everyone! I feel it has been far too long since I've updated this blog, much to my annoyance as I would love to write every day, but there hasn't been much to share. Until now! There is a saying that once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. Recently I felt like… Continue reading Have I Got News For You

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Well, I suppose I should get more acquainted with this 'blog' so here goes my second attempt at a 'post'. I'd like to start writing something worth writing about, but at the moment I really haven't got a direction... I have finished my first assignment for a creative writing course that I enrolled on. It… Continue reading Aroma

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A first time for everything!

Hi! I finally got this thing up and running after talking abuse ever so politely at the screen for several minutes! The purpose of this blog is to document my thoughts, views and other such nonsense as well as the odd bit about my life. When I get the hang of how all of this… Continue reading A first time for everything!